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Mummies of Egypt safe and sound.

And here I thought, the Egyptians decapitated mummies in a heat of protest, but turns out they were fine all along.

Too bad we can't say the same about some of the other ancient artifacts though.

A quiet good bye.

Well this is it.

No more Elysium on Daily Texan Newspaper.

Will I draw Elysium comics again someday?


20 years ago

Take one pass it around, 99 bottles of blames to go.

Finals and whats more

 Man I really hate this one. I wish I never drew this.

I was just being a dick and testing if the managing editor would catch it when I drew this one. 
And they "didn't suspect a thing" and published it! Hahaha.
Look at the first letter of each line and you'll see what the prez was smiling about.

So no one at the office knew what operation sealion was. I thought it was famous, but now that I think about it, I only know that because of either hellsing, or because of that weird neonazi group email invitation. It was prolly hellsing.

I literally came up with the next panel as I was drawing. I had no idea where the hell this was heading, and I just had to abort it at the end.
Kafka, great read.
Oh and check out Night Tales at

Ok, it's 4 in the morning. I finished updating. Now that wasn't too hard.

And the rest....

God I drew this one in a last minute rush. It wasn't too bad though...

I didn't come up with this comic, to be honest. This conversation came up almost word to word when I had a lunch with a girl that same day. I think she's putting a curse on me right now.

Oh god, this is a horrible comic. I think I had a horrible week.

100th Comic!

Jeez I take a long time to update things.
I mean really, it's been like what, a month? I can't quite remember why I was so slow on updates. Was it because of those exams? The projects? Just general lethargy? Probably the lethargy.


Yay I made it 100 strips. I honestly didn't think I would be able to last this long...
But yes, I got to number 100. Who knew.

I wanted it to be the convergence of summer job and elysium to commemorate the work at Daily Texan. (for my own personal selfish greedy reason).  Actually the past comics have all been accumulation of the comics I used to draw. Rolf the Viking, the homicidal maniac, trix rabbit, and horton the elephant...
And also grave robbing is a fun topic. Can't believe people don't censor it. Oh well.

Yup. I'll try to update more often from now on.
Which is only one week.
So it shouldn't be hard.




NEW SERIES! Fuzzy headed guy in a cloudy... oh I give. It's the president...
Very trippy place.

98 Bye bye~

The Elysium... in color!
The Daily Texan, for inexplicable reason, decided to run a comic page in color on Monday. Odd.
So to celebrate the occasion, it's the finale! I wish I had more time, so I could alter the colors a little bit.. sigh.

Anyway I'm ending the series by killing off the president! Yay!
I mean, he almost died three times before anyways, so might as well.

Please look forward to the new series, "Ephemeral lie" starting tomorrow!


Secretary going musou

Based on a script sent by my good friend James L.
Actually it was supposed to say something like "Fight illiteracy today! Read a book" at the end.
Forgot to add that in. Darn. orz

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