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So no one at the office knew what operation sealion was. I thought it was famous, but now that I think about it, I only know that because of either hellsing, or because of that weird neonazi group email invitation. It was prolly hellsing.

I literally came up with the next panel as I was drawing. I had no idea where the hell this was heading, and I just had to abort it at the end.
Kafka, great read.
Oh and check out Night Tales at

Ok, it's 4 in the morning. I finished updating. Now that wasn't too hard.


SHEA said...

I liked the Metamorphosis parody in general but I thought that having one of the characters describe it as Kafka-esque was especially good. I lol'd pretty hard at least.

FLEX! said...

That last one was awesome!

There seems to be a theme here, the last month or so was really stressful for you, but the comics have gotten stranger, and more reckless. I mean nazis, Kafka, insane president, and sailor moon.

Pretty cool in my opinion. Also kudos for not going the obvious twilight vampire route for appealing to the ladies.

AND!! the president is awesome when he is menacing shmucks with his stories.

R said...

Thanks connor

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