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A quiet good bye.

Well this is it.

No more Elysium on Daily Texan Newspaper.

Will I draw Elysium comics again someday?



Edgar V said...

Keep on doing some. I always enjoyed your comics. They were almost always the smartest on the page

jonathanbarcelo said...

The day you decide to quit doing Elysium comics, the Entropy of the Universe will rise ever so slightly.

Chaos will befall us all.

Anonymous said...

      ./  ;!
     /  /__,,..
    /  `(_t_,__〕
    /    '(_t_,__〕  GoodJob!!!
   /    {_i_,__〕
  /    ノ  {_i__〉
/      _,..-'"

Carolynn said...

Also, there's always the summer, if you'll be around.

I am going to miss Elysium so much. :(

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