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Finals and whats more

 Man I really hate this one. I wish I never drew this.

I was just being a dick and testing if the managing editor would catch it when I drew this one. 
And they "didn't suspect a thing" and published it! Hahaha.
Look at the first letter of each line and you'll see what the prez was smiling about.


Flex! said...

I thought you guys could print the f-bomb. Did you really get away with anything sir?

Also the one time that I printed subliminal messages in my English paper, I got a really good grade.

For that and more unsolicited anecdotes please read my newest collection of prose: "Anecdotal School Stories"

R said...

No, they started to get really strict and made some of the comic censor the comic.

And please, do tell more of this subliminal English paper.

FLEX! said...

Well it was about the great Gatsby and I had to pretend like I was one of the characters writing to an advice columnist or something. So I wrote a letter as Jay Gatsby and the first letter of everyline spelled out "I am Jay Gatsby" or maybe it was a longer thing. I also put in a another one but I forget what it was.

You know who else censored shit? Hitler! and the COMMUNISTS!!!!

I'm not saying HITLER! and the COMMUNISTS!!!!! are running your paper but the evidence is piling up.

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