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100th Comic!

Jeez I take a long time to update things.
I mean really, it's been like what, a month? I can't quite remember why I was so slow on updates. Was it because of those exams? The projects? Just general lethargy? Probably the lethargy.


Yay I made it 100 strips. I honestly didn't think I would be able to last this long...
But yes, I got to number 100. Who knew.

I wanted it to be the convergence of summer job and elysium to commemorate the work at Daily Texan. (for my own personal selfish greedy reason).  Actually the past comics have all been accumulation of the comics I used to draw. Rolf the Viking, the homicidal maniac, trix rabbit, and horton the elephant...
And also grave robbing is a fun topic. Can't believe people don't censor it. Oh well.

Yup. I'll try to update more often from now on.
Which is only one week.
So it shouldn't be hard.




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I draw for Daily Texan Comics on a college newspaper. And by "draw", I actually mean scribbling chicken scratch and be amazed at the hospitality of the Daily Texan for publishing it each time.