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NEW SERIES! Fuzzy headed guy in a cloudy... oh I give. It's the president...
Very trippy place.

98 Bye bye~

The Elysium... in color!
The Daily Texan, for inexplicable reason, decided to run a comic page in color on Monday. Odd.
So to celebrate the occasion, it's the finale! I wish I had more time, so I could alter the colors a little bit.. sigh.

Anyway I'm ending the series by killing off the president! Yay!
I mean, he almost died three times before anyways, so might as well.

Please look forward to the new series, "Ephemeral lie" starting tomorrow!


Secretary going musou

Based on a script sent by my good friend James L.
Actually it was supposed to say something like "Fight illiteracy today! Read a book" at the end.
Forgot to add that in. Darn. orz

95, 96

I think, I can never write a romance

Once every semesters, the cartoonists at Daily Texan decide to switch off for a day. Switcheroo.
I draw Mr.A's comic, and Mr. A draws my comic. Well this semester I switched with Michael Bowman of Raj and Boris, a comic about a bear and a helicopter. Really, I can't get any more clearer than that.

The switcheroo of everyone can be seen here at the 6 dollarsplease blog:
You can see it right------> HERE.

And I just realized I didn't have the switcheroo from last semester either. I switched with Nam Nguyen of Psychobevo

You can see it right......HERE

If you're too lazy to visit the blog, well you can just see the comic here (decided to put it on since Mr. Bowman was putting up his on his site as well.)

Elysium Vs Raj and Boris


Raj looks much nicer in the original comics. I'm sorry Raj. It was just too tempting to draw you like that. I'm sure you'll understand.

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