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Elysium 3-12-2010 and old comics

I found these old comics in the DT folder! Such memories! I was so young and stupid back then. Now I'm just old and stupid. 

...Yup, they were comics I submitted for tryout last year. There were two more comics I submitted but I don't know what happened to them. Oh well.
Well here they are. Little nerdy jokes, but I still think they weren't bad. fact I think they may be funnier than the junks I've been churning out this semester....
sigh... ...and the drawing didn't really get better either, did it?

And also today's Elysium comics, if you're too lazy to pick up a newspaper today. (or far away in, say, college station.)

come on it's spring break next week. I'm too tired to draw a proper comic


flez! said...

Gud jovb!

Ryohei Y said...


Carolynn said...

It's all good. Also those old comics didn't run more from the size ratio not working with the page than anything else.

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