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Rolf the Viking (94)

It's... it's... It's Rolf the Viking! Good to see him again, Rolf.
For those of you who don't know, (which is everyone save one or two person) he was a main character from the comics I used to draw in high school. Horrible thing it was.
Based on the suggestion to put him in by a good friend J. L. No, not Jennifer Lopez.


Subplot is a continuation from the last strip
Somehow he survived.


Is it me, or is this strip better without the drawing?

I'm a little amazed that many people didn't understood this at all.

Elysium 3-12-2010 and old comics

I found these old comics in the DT folder! Such memories! I was so young and stupid back then. Now I'm just old and stupid. 

...Yup, they were comics I submitted for tryout last year. There were two more comics I submitted but I don't know what happened to them. Oh well.
Well here they are. Little nerdy jokes, but I still think they weren't bad. fact I think they may be funnier than the junks I've been churning out this semester....
sigh... ...and the drawing didn't really get better either, did it?

And also today's Elysium comics, if you're too lazy to pick up a newspaper today. (or far away in, say, college station.)

come on it's spring break next week. I'm too tired to draw a proper comic

More elysium

Meh. Don't really feel like writing anything right now.
Well I have bunch of ideas for the western but that's about it.
But I'll write about them later. I gotta study now.

Huh? Staples? What's that?

So the nice folks at the 6 dollars please ( is going to Staples! in Austin Which apparently is like a comic con or comiket or whatever the heck it's called.  But it's in Austin. That's all that matters.

We knew this for a long time, but then I started to get these weird emails from the comics editor talking about how there's a need for people to spot the table, how we need to prepare blah blah. "What? I know 6 dollars guys are fellow colleagues, but why do we have to do so much?" 
Reading the email more carefully, it turns out the DAILY TEXAN COMIC is going there as well, at  a last minute notice. Yeah, three day before the thing, we figure this out. So now we have to haul ass and get the pamphlet together.

So what's DT comics going to offer, you say? Well the best of our works, the Whodunnit, as well as banned ones never before seen by the public eye, so come to Staples and check them out. 

oh and here's the rest of this week's strips

You get an A if you can correctly answer what each food item is referring to.

I had this idea for long time but could never figure out what game to use. Well, this one didn't turn as good as I hoped. Little forced.

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