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President Zousse's idea for a new videogame.

President was escorted out after 5 minutes.


This one sort of ended up like an character development strip. No real joke. Whoops. Oh well.

It's actually an amalgam of bunch of ideas I had. Narcissistic Zousse, secretary with a scary drawing (they have issues), president kinda looks like Ronald McDonald, and having a high Engel coefficient. Dammit, I wrote index, didn't I?
Whoops. Oh well. 


I usually don't update the blog until after the comic has been printed but...
I'm prolly gonna forget tomorrow so I'm doing it today.

Too much words!
Bad Ryohei, bad!

edit: Oh crap, I just realized 6 dollars please was doing a PSA last week. How could I have forgotten! Bad Ryohei, bad! No more twinkies for you!
The weird thing is I had like 7 ideas for a comic and 3 hours before it was due, I decided to start from scratch and do something else. Huh.


So... on the 1 year anniversary Elysium, I asked if anybody wanted to see Muscle Elysium. Well one person did. (Much more than you expected? Crazy, I know.) So here it is!
There was an alternative version too, but the 1st one was published in the end.

alternate version. Mr. Po is left out of lot things.

Also an Elysium comic on the issue of LGBT
I think I'll experiment with facial expressions more this semester.

One thing I learned from drawing muscles is.... that I don't know how to draw them. orz

Start of new semester, Anniversary, and Valentines, Oh my

I actually updated!
drawn by Sammy M., Creator of Night Tales (in celebration of my birthday). Check him out at!

UUUUhhhhhh. Things happened, I can't get stuff right these days and I'm a little late on updating.
Is anyone still there? Oh no, nobody looks at this page anymore. I mean, not much people did in the first place but now, wow. 

Well here's the comics that's been publishing for the past few days, and hopefully I will be more on top with the updating.

As one of the new tryout put it, "whoever drew this doesn't know how to draw". She's right.... orz


I think I was playing Dragon Quest at the time.


What? Yes that's right, it's been one year anniversary since this comic strip started! Feb 11th was the first publishing date. Whoohoo! It's a fucking miracle I actually lasted a year at Daily Texan. Wow. And also the day before this was my birthday too, so the nice folks at , creator of Weirdest City, Night Tales, and Smoothie Home from last semester celebrated it with cartoons (like one at the top). Very nice people. Go check their comics out, they're good! 

Happy Valentines day!

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