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Thanksgiving special wrap up

This email came in today...

"Hey, everyone,

I want to thank you all for the hard work you've done on the wonderful comics whodoneit. Things were rather stressful on the last day but with everyone's help we made this event an enormous success. Good job, everyone, we've really done something we should be proud of and I want to thank each and every one of you for the hours of time you've poured into this thing--drawing, photoshopping, putting up with everyone's grumbling, etc. 
Special thanks to Edgar for drawing so much, especially those lovely backgrounds, and to Rachel, Gabe, Nam, Emery, Jon, Michael, and Sammy for all of their in-office help. Thanks, guys.


I thought I helped alot too...
it's so fun to be ignored all the time... sigh...


Thanksgiving special finally finished...& past elysium

Phew... finally finished with the three day thanksgiving special. It should be up on that 6dollar please blog soon. In the mean while here's some more past elysium comics


Aries looks like a certain viking...

 When I was drawing this, there was a suggestion to draw the panels separately, and then use photoshop to put them together. What a marvelous idea, I thought, and tried it out. Unfortunately the sizing and strip dimension screwed up, so it ended up looking bad (not that it didn't look bad before but...)
Go Elysium force

Thanksgiving special

NEW event happening at the Daily Texan comics this week!

Follow the story from Monday to Wednesday at


Past Elysium Fall 2009

So I guess I will post some past Elysium comics...
Past elysium comics:

I think PS3 slim was coming out around this time

Side note: The Taiwanese president looks nothing like that.

I think around this time, I started to shift away from the slapstick

Well, weell welll, I warned you it was terrible wasn't it?

Elysium 11-19-09

Printed on Thursday 

Could have done a longer one but alas, not enough space...

Elysium 11-17-09

 I think what I'll do is start posting the current ones and post the old ones at the same time.

I was gonna originally post something else this day, but I changed to this instead and moved the original to 19th, since the joke of that strip was coincidentally similar to the 6dollarplease for 16th.
You know, give it time so the joke won't be too fresh in reader's mind.

On second consideration, I won't post the old ones because the jokes and drawings are just GOD AWFUL.Yes, it was actually much worse than this eyesore you see here right now.


The finale for the summer job chronicle.

The ideas for a finale were either this or him working on a meth lab at his home and accidentally setting his home on fire, thus successfully getting rid of his need to pay rent anymore. And get arrested. Either way he was gonna get arrested. I mean, he was a jerk after all.

Oh it was such fun doing TSJC series. Some people liked it, apparently.  Maybe I should continue them.

This was also a filler I used during the summer. I don't get it either.


Found a bunch more of the TSJC comics. 

Well someone's gotta clean them
I once saw a man reading the Economist at Borders. My what an intellectual, pompous looking fellow, I thought, as I peered to the side to catch a glimpse of him. And then I realized... he was firmly holding a playboy magazine within his elbow. Well, that's where I got this from.
I was obsessed with Professor Layton at the time. So sue me.
I personally like the policeman's expression at the end.
Originally, it was a skeleton of big bird with a stake on the chest. However, without all that feather, it was kinda hard to tell what the heck I was scribbling. On the side note, the "help me" on the last panel was supposed to look like the insect scratched it on to the lid.

I think there's one or two more of these comics left.


I found more of them if anyone cares

TSJC comic was drawn so it can have familiar conflict with the college student, thus sympathy.. You know the whole pathos things.

So you start with these themes : no money, trouble with the landowner, job search.
That's a common experience for college people right? I just need to keep drawing stuff that'll make people say "Ah, I understand how this guy feels. I had the same sort of trouble before. Why this is a good comic".

...ok, drugs. Maybe I took a wrong turn, but it's ok. This is still relevant to some people...
...m..maybe some people have had similar experiences like this too..
ah screw it. It was already spiraling down from the first strip.
The words on the newspaper since it's hard to read:
Panel 1:  Why Daiy Texan is the best news paper/
10yr old arrested selling lemonade with narcotic
Panel 2:-ansformers 2 a crappy film
Panel 3:How life is empty w/out UT
Panel 4: Pres. Zelaya: "F@*# it", charges in Rambo style to Honduras

The pamphlet (2nd panel): Fuck humans
The pamphlet (3rd panel) G●een Peace manual: How to annoy people on the street

This is not in anyway a criticism to China's technology. This is appraisal. Appraise, mind you.


This is something I did for the summer session...

The summer job chronicles...

Everyone else in the Daily Texan seemed to be doing something relevant to college life while I was away in La-la land with Elysium doing incomprehensible slapstick and talking about some topical news no one really cared about during the spring semester. SO I took the opportunity to do something that felt relevant, and the readers can sympathize with. Job Searching.

As usual with most of my actions, it started to go on a weird direction, and spiraled downward. Well apparently some people seemed to like it so that's good.

run away.... bad comic coming

Well this is the one to start it all.

First post

I never know what to put on the first post....
Let's see, a friend asked me to post up the Elysium cartoons so I will but... I don't have any of them in my computer right now. Well I guess I'll  just put up some ascii art.
(Crap, not everyone has Mona, do they?)

At the Russian kebab kiosk in Perm:

     I just bought some fresh meat from three nice
                           gentlemen today. Would you like them?
  / ̄ ̄\ 
/  ⌒  ⌒\ 
|   ( ●)(●)                 _____

|  ⌒(__人__)            /⌒  ⌒   \
|     |r┬-|             /(●)(●)     \ Thanks!
|      `ー'´}      \    /:::⌒(__人__)⌒:::::\
ヽ        }     \     |    |r┬ |        |
  ヽ    ノ      \    \     `ー ´       _/  
  /    く.   \       \  ノ          \
  |     \  \   (⌒二               |
 Kebab shop owner

            /⌒     ⌒\

  /  ( ●)(●)\     Wow. This kebab turned out great!
    /:::⌒(__人__)⌒:::\  The meat is so delicious. I wonder  

 |     |r┬ |       |  what kind of meat this is.  
  \  γ⌒_ξ)'  _ /        
   ( ^ノ  ̄     ヽ nom nom
_ _ __       ____
γξ)ξ)ξノ                   / kebab   /
ー—————’        /        ノ

              ̄ ̄ ̄

                _____        )  Maybe I can figure

           /     ⌒       ⌒\      )      it out online!
       /     ( ●) (●)\      )/⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒
   / ::::⌒   (__人__)⌒\
   |       |r┬-|      |
   \        `ー'´     /
    ノ         \
 /´            ヽ                    type
|  l   l||l 从人 l||l      l||l 从人 l||l       
ヽ    -一''''''"~~``'ー--、   -一'''''''ー-、.     type
   ヽ ____(⌒)(⌒)⌒) )  (⌒_(⌒)⌒)⌒))
                 ,. - ''"| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ρ ̄`l
                 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ノ ̄ ̄

     Police in Russia have arrested three homeless
          men suspected of killing a man, eating 
                        ____               part of the body and selling
    /::::::::::   u\      other parts to a kebab shop
        /:::::::::   ⌒ 三. ⌒\  
\____   ___/

 /:::::::::( ○)三(○)\             \/
    |::::::::::::::⌒(__人__)  ⌒|       ________
    \::::::::::   |r┬-|      ,/    .| |          ...| 

  ノ::::::::::u   `ー'      \     | |                        .| 
 /:::::::::::::::::      u      | |                |
|::::::::::::: l  u            | |                               |
ヽ:::::::::::: -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、      | |_________.|
   ヽ::::::::___,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

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